Our Story

Hello everyone! My name is Tyler, founder and owner of BlackCatSoapery; a small artisan soap company based out of Merrimack, NH. I started making soap when I was 22 and living in my apartment in southern New Hampshire. It began as a desire to become more self-sufficient and learn how to make a lot of the products I used regularly, rather than pick them up at a big box store. In addition, I was beginning to get a little frustrated with ingredient labels, and not really knowing what was in the products I was purchasing. So, after many hours reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos, I made my first cold process soap. It was a simple bastille recipe (Olive Oil and Coconut Oil); little did I know at the time, I was hooked. The recipe wasn’t my favorite, but I loved the process and being able to control what was in it. After all, we use soap every day to get clean, shouldn’t we know what we are putting on our skin? Then began the soap making craze. I began playing with different recipes, colors, fragrances, essential oils, and methods; turning it into an almost daily activity of producing a new batch of soap. As the soap began to stack up, I decided I needed to give it away, as with how much soap I was making, I was quickly running out of room to store it. This is truly when BlackCatSoapery began to form. Many months before I launched my company, I began to get feedback from those that had tried my soap and realized that those around me seemed to really enjoy what I was making. With the wonderful support of friends and family, in June of 2019 I launched BlackCatSoapery.