Shopping FAQ's

All of our body products are soy free, sulfate (SLS) free, paraben free, gluten free, and vegan friendly (unless we use honey, in which it will be stated). Our artisan soaps are made using Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, RSPO certified Palm Oil, Castor Oil, and Avocado Oil. We will occasionally use additional ingredients or additives such as: Colloidal Oatmeal, Activated Charcoal, Bio-degradable Glitters, Clays, Dried Herbs or Flowers etc. For the exact ingredients in each soap, please see the “Ingredients” section always listed in the details of each soap on the website.

Is the price I see under each picture for one bar of soap?

The price listed under each type is per bar. We often show more than one bar to highlight different aspects of the soap or to show the variation in design between each bar.

I was looking on your website and the soap I wanted is sold out! When will you have more of it?

This is a tricky question. For our low top bars, there is a chance we will continue to remake that scent for some time and or indefinitely if it is commonly requested by our customers. To check, simply come back in a week or so and you may find the soap you wanted available again; or send us an email and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  However, all our specialty (high-top) soaps are made in very small batches (at most, 34 bars), and are only available until they are sold out. We may potentially make the specialty bars again the following year during the same time, but chances are we will make it a little different.

Items disappeared from my cart before I could complete checkout! What happened?

We are so sorry this happened to you. The answer to this question is that when multiple people are shopping and have the same item in their cart, the first customer to check out will receive that item. If it was the last of that product, it will now become “sold out”, and any remaining in other customer’s carts will be removed.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! For more information, go to our “Shipping FAQ” page.

Do you accept wholesale/custom soap orders?

Yes, we do! For more information regarding pricing for wholesale soap orders, contact us through email at and we will be happy to assist you!